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Information related to the administration of funds awarded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), also known as the Economic Stimulas Package, can be found on this page. Updates will occur as addtitional information becomes available.


1. As PI of an ARRA grant, what must I do to be compliant with the Whistleblower Protection in ARRA law?
It is a requirement of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that employers who receive ARRA funding must post notice of the rights and remedies pertaining to whistleblowers. This one page "poster" found here will serve as the notice and must be posted where people working on your grant can easily see it. The full text of the provision in the Act can be found here and anyone who asks for information should be referred to the full text.

2. What is OSPA doing to meet the ARRA reporting requirements?
OSPA is working with Human Resources, Sponsored Projects Accounting, Purchasing and the Enterprise Applications Group to gather the majority of the required data elements from UK's information and financial systems. In order to mimimize the reporting impact on the Principal Investigators, a web reporting tool has been developed to allow PIs to submit information to OSPA for the required ARRA reporting.

3. Where is the ARRA web reporting tool located?

To log on, use your UK username and password that you use to log onto your email. Your area domain must proceed your username; for example, "mc\jdoe".

4. As PI of an ARRA grant, what data elements am I responsible for providing?
PIs will verify the award description (abstract), describe quarterly activities, indicate project status, choose activity codes from one of several nationally maintained lists, verify the number of jobs created or retained and provide a narrative description of the employment impact of ARRA funds. Other information may be necessary as further clarifications are made by federal sponsors and the Office of Management and Budget.

5. When are the ARRA reports due for the grants received by UKRF?
ARRA reports are due no later than 10 calendar days after the end of each quarter. The first due date is October 10th, and then January 10th, April 10th, and July 10th.

6. As PI of an ARRA grant, when are the data elements I'm responsible for poviding due to OSPA?
OSPA must have information from PIs before the 5th day following the end of the quarter in order to meet the deadline.

7. Do I need to register with
No, the Office of Sponsored Project Administration is registered with and will submit the required reports.

8. I have a subrecipient or subcontractor on my ARRA grant. What do I need to do?
Prepare the Subagreement Request Form as soon as possible, attach the budget and scope of work, and forward to your OSPA Research Administrator as you normally would to initiate the Subagreement process. Your OSPA Research Administrator will prepare a Subagreement using the Federal Demonstration Partnership template Agreement and attach the appropriate ARRA reporting requirement terms and conditions.

9. I've received a NIH Just-In-Time (JIT) Request for my project that will be awarded with ARRA funds. The JIT Request requires a detailed budget and Other Support, and a short turn around time. Can I submit this to the sponsor myself?
No, NIH Just-In-Time requests indicate all requested documents to be submitted through the University business official (OSPA) for their concurrence.

10. I have questions about my ARRA grant, who do I contact?
General administrative questions can be referred to your OSPA Research Administrator or College Grants Officer.

11. I have questions about the ARRA reports, who should I contact?
Katie Riley, Assistant Director, 859-257-9526,
Deborah Davis, Associate Director, 859-257-8311,

12. Where can I find additional information about ARRA?
About the Recovery Act and Roadmap to Recovery:
For data related to Recovery Act spending:
NIH and the ARRA:
Health and Human Service (HHS) Overview:
National Endowment for the Arts info:

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