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Sponsored Projects Reports

Fiscal Year-to-Date Sponsored Projects Awards Totals

Awards received through UKRF for fiscal year 2015 (July 2014 through June 2015) totaled $285,092,308. Awards from federal agencies made up $153.1 million of that total.

  • FY 2015 departmental totals (PDF, 5 pages)
  • FY 2015 account-level report (PDF, 195 pages) (Excel)

For previous months, see the Awards Archive.

The report includes any new award or new account with a start date within the reporting period and award additions or reductions to existing projects that are processed within the reporting period. The “New” column represents new accounts; the “Adjusted” column represents modifications to existing accounts. Note that some sponsor restrictions require a new account each year while others allow the same account to be used for multiple years. This is not a report of all active projects. It is a report of award activity that occurs within the reporting period. For more information, contact Kim Carter, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration.

Sponsored Projects Reports


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