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2008 News Archive

12.16.08 UK Researcher Discusses High Blood Pressure Vaccine

12.08.08 Board Accepts Gifts for Opera, Medicine

12.08.08 UK Announces 'Digital Village' Construction Project

11.24.08 Doris Duke Distinguished Clinical Scientist Award

11.17.08 Perman Honored by American Academy of Pediatrics

11.17.08 Researcher Named to Spine Injury Hall

11.13.08 Energy Center Opens Extension Office

11.11.08 News to Take to Heart

11.10.08 Barnstable Brown Diabetes and Obesity Center Established at UK

11.06.08 Lecturer to Discuss Google, Supercomputing

10.27.08 Gov. Beshear Announces EPSCOR Funding

10.23.08 $10.5 Million Awarded to Study Obesity-Disease Link

10.23.08 Science Highlights Paleobiology Research

10.21.08 Research Channel Features UK Nanotech

10.20.08 Research Focuses on Cell Identity

10.13.08 Blazer Lecture: Oppenheimer Speaks on Global Warming

09.18.08 College of Public Health Gains National Prominence

09.18.08 UK Scientists Part of NSF, EPA Study

09.18.08 Van Zant Wins Senior Scholar Award

09.17.08 Study Finds ATV Guidelines Inadequate

09.08.08 PolyHeme Study Results Reported

09.08.08 Appalachian Center Seeks Abstracts

09.04.08 Novel Anti-Overdose Drug Studied

09.03.08 Researchers Study Alzheimer's Medication

08.28.08 Genetic Link to Dry Macular Degeneration Found

08.21.08 "Nutraceuticals" Could Prevent Diabetes

08.20.08 UK Receives Largest EPA Grant for Nanotechnology

08.18.08 Smoke-Free Laws Haven’t Hurt Bingo

08.15.08 Researchers Get Coal-to-Liquid Funds

08.13.08 Smoke-free Laws Cut Asthma Emergency Visits

08.07.08 Researchers Seek Cancer Marker

08.05.08 Fillmore in TIME: Caffeinated Alcohol Dangerous

08.01.08 UK Receives $1 Million for Heart Research

07.31.08 Collaboration Preserves Endangered Language

07.31.08 Thelin Quoted in Chronicle of Higher Education

07.23.08 Researchers Win NIH Screen Grant

07.11.08 Computational Research Wins Grant

07.10.08 Air Quality in Lexington Bingo Halls Unsafe

06.26.08 Energy Center Offers "Biomass to Biofuels" Course

06.25.08 Mini-grants Available to Increase Girls' Interest in Science

06.23.08 UK Scientist Receives APDA Research Grant

0623.08 Ophthalmology Fellow Wins Prestigious Kelman Award

06.19.08 Prevention, Treatment Could Curb Meth Problem

06.17.08 Center for Muscle Biology to be Established

06.12.08 Research Creating Buzz in Scientific Community

06.11.08 Milestones in Study of Violence Against Women

06.09.08 Researching Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy

06.09.08 ATV Study to Improve Fit, Safety Among Kids

06.09.08 Urology Professor Receives Award

06.04.08 E.ON Awards Grant to UK Energy Center

06.03.08 Gatton Professors' Research in Science Daily

05.29.08 Two Dozen UK Doctors Make Top List

05.28.08 Ashland Inc.–Spears Law Professor Announced

05.27.08 UK Wins $10 Million NIH Superfund Grant

05.15.08 Culture Affects How Teen Girls See Harassment

05.07.08 Smoke Free Laws Don't Impact Employee Turnover

05.07.08 UK Leads National Childhood Leukemia Study

05.06.08 National Meeting on Child Mental Health

05.05.08 Kentucky's Tobacco Control Policies Ineffective

05.05.08 Sanders-Brown Receives NIH Funding

05.02.08 Keeping Your Brain Healthy

04.30.08 Mine Map Web Site Wins Award

04.28.08 Blood Pressure Trial Patient Reports Success

04.23.08 Physician-Scientist Wins Kirwan Memorial Award

04.21.08 Cardinal Hill Endowed Professor Named

04.16.08 Saliva Can Help Diagnose Heart Attack

04.08.08 Prof Wins Excellence in Nursing Research Award

04.03.08 Researchers Find Mass Media Campaigns Useful

04.02.08 UK Program Wins Regional Outreach Award

04.01.08 Students Plan Low-gravity Test for NASA

03.28.08 UK Programs Make U.S. News Rankings

03.28.08 More UK Programs in U.S. News Rankings

03.28.08 Dr. Michael Boland Receives National Award

03.28.08 Professor Honored by NEA

03.26.08 Physician Revolutionizes Gene Research

03.26.08 Beckman Chooses UK Again

03.14.08 Fasting Can Reduce Brain-Injury Impact

03.14.08 Meditation Impacts Blood Pressure, Study Shows

03.11.08 UK a 'Best Place' for Postdocs

03.05.08 Jobs that Work for Hourly Workers Benefit All

03.04.08 Board Names New Research Professors

03.04.08 Professor Will Testify on Capitol Hill

03.03.08 Nonprescription Heart Medicine: Too Risky?

02.29.08 On the Cutting Edge of Public Health

02.28.08 Sprang Named to National Child Trauma Group

02.27.08 Student Wins for Pediatric Center Design

02.27.08 Students Asked to Create Solar House Designs

02.27.08 Lubawy Named Distinguished Pharmacy Educator

02.26.08 Nunn Center Names New Director

02.26.08 VP for Health Care Operations Named

02.26.08 Sports Medicine Partners with Local Practice

02.22.08 Grant Awarded for Agricultural Safety

02.21.08 From Research to Real-Life Medicine

02.21.08 Spring Career Expo to be Held Feb. 26-27

02.20.08 Study Shows Cleaner Air After Smoking Ordinance

02.19.08 Entomologist Receives Gates Grant

02.18.08 Leading the Fight Against Elder Abuse

02.15.08 Blood Pressure Rx May Have Added Benefit

02.15.08 Contraceptive Ring Research

02.12.08 Cognitive Science Symposium Feb. 16

02.08.08 USA WEEKEND Features UK Nutrition Expert

02.08.08 Focus on Race, Gender, Violence, Public Policy

02.08.08 College of Engineering Sets E-Day for Feb. 23

02.07.08 Center on Aging Offers New Memory Study

02.06.08 UK Lung Cancer Blood Test Licensed

02.06.08 Foundation Awards Grant to College of Nursing

02.06.08 Noonan to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

02.05.08 Microneedles Enhance Drug Administration

01.30.08 UK Participates in Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trial

01.29.08 Cardiologists Say Stent Questions Remain

01.29.08 UK to Compete in International Solar Decathlon

01.29.08 Study: Mutated DNA Causes Leukemia Relapse

01.25.08 Pharmacy Fellow Receives Prestigious Award

01.23.08 New Commonwealth Collaborative Projects Unveiled

01.21.08 Pharmaceutical Center Director Candidate Gives Seminar

01.16.08 UK Sets Legislative Priorities

01.14.08 Ambati Receives RPB Award

01.14.08 Good Cholesterol May Not be Good for Diabetics

01.11.08 Discover Magazine Quotes UK Bioethicist

01.11.08 Figgs Speaks on Health Disparities

01.09.08 Encore Search Engine Launches at UK Libraries

01.09.08 Study Shows Link Between TCE Exposure, Parkinsonism

01.08.08 Oatmeal's Health Claims Strongly Reaffirmed

01.03.08 Thyroid Treatment No 'Quick Fix' For Weight Loss in Children