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2007 News Archive

12.13.07 NIH Funds Study of Cardiovascular Disease

12.11.07 Markey Cancer Foundation Awards Nearly $800,000

12.05.07 KySat Rehearsal Puts Kentucky into Space

12.04.07 TM Effective in Reducing High Blood Pressure, Study Shows

12.03.07 UK Program Benefits BRAiNS

11.30.07 NIH Awards Professor $3.96 Mil Grant

11.27.07 UK Creates Cancer-Resistant Mouse

11.27.07 World Renowned UK Doctor Guest Lecturer

11.26.07 Pediatric Epilepsy Featured on Radio Show

11.26.07 Landmark Blood Pressure Trial Underway

11.20.07 NCI Awards 1.6 Mil to UK Scientists

11.19.07 New Effort to Speed Up Clinical Drug Trials

11.16.07 UK Blackberry Research Featured on NBC

11.05.07 Research to Take to Heart

11.01.07 Breastfeeding Study in National Spotlight

10.31.07 Breast Cancer Conference Focuses on Progress

10.30.07 Cancer Society Awards Research Grant to UK

10.30.07 Dwindling Saudi Oil Supplies Addressed

10.29.07 Young Researcher Wins Aging Award

10.25.07 Design, Manufacturing Part of Vienna Exhibit

10.22.07 "Microfluidics: Biological Applications" Lecture Oct. 26 (pdf)

10.22.07 Doherty Featured in National Online Publication

10.22.07 Sports Doc Scores Baseball Op-Ed in NYT

10.17.07 Big Blue Goes Green

10.16.07 America's Best Doctors at UK HealthCare

10.15.07 UK On ABC News Breast Cancer Site

10.12.07 UK Libraries Dedicates James Still Papers

10.12.07 10th Research Day Draws Doctors

10.08.07 Vietnam Conference Draws Top Experts Oct 10-14

10.04.07 Pitching Changes Little Leaguers' Shoulders

10.03.07 Odyssey Celebrates 25 Years of Research

10.02.07 Ed McMahon to Speak at Foundation Dinner

10.02.07 UK Artist-Faculty on Research Channel

10.01.07 Distinguished Professor Lecture Oct. 4

9.26.07 Child Trauma Research Gets $1.6 Million

9.24.07 Senior Hunger in America to be Studied

9.21.07 Contraceptive Ring Research

9.12.07 Report Ranks Kentucky Counties' Health

9.12.07 UK Establishes Center to Study Violence Against Children

9.11.07 Small Business Innovation Research Workshops Sept. 18, 19

9.11.07 Cancer Research Fund Created to Honor Memory of UK Alumnus

9.07.07 Study Published in Journal of Clinical Investigation

9.07.07 High-tech Startups: A Bonanza for Entrepreneurs Sept. 26-28

9.05.07 Safety Improvements Increasing Awareness

9.04.07 UK Produces 'Hottest Papers' on Aging and Alzheimer's

9.04.07 Grant Funds Substance Abuse Program for Pregnant Women

8.31.07 Two Studies Published in The Lancet

8.31.07 Multimedia News and Features Now Available on the Web

8.30.07 Coker Named Chair of Studies on Violence Against Women

8.29.07 Study Shows Higher Incidence of Barrett's Esophagus in Three Counties

8.24.07 100-Pound Weight Loss Possible With Behavioral Changes

8.24.07 Consortium Offers Compound Library and Screening Facilities to UK Researchers

8.17.07 UK Continues Expansion of Research Enterprise

8.17.07 Research Channel to Feature Resonance House

8.17.07 Researchers Receive American Diabetes Association Grant

8.17.07 UK to Host International Symposium on Microencapsulation

8.15.07 Endowed Professorship in Gerontology, Intergenerational Social Work Announced

8.09.07 Andrews Named New CAER Director

8.08.07 College of Public Health Awarded Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant

8.07.07 Focus Placed on Peer Influence to Stop Violence Against Women

8.07.07 Lung Cancer Survivor and Family Endow New Cancer Professorship

8.06.07 UK Chandler Hospital Among Top 15 Academic Medical Centers

8.01.07 Todd Profiled in The New York Times

8.01.07 UK Featured In Several July National News Stories

8.01.07 Professor Receives American Diabetes Association Award

7.26.07 UK Exceeds Federal Standards in Protecting Volunteers

7.26.07 Dean's Research Included in "Architectural Graphic Standards"

7.26.07 Study: No Danger in Heart Drug Combination

7.24.07 Rowland Named President, CEO of Markey Cancer Foundation

7.24.07 Strup Named Division of Urology Chair

7.17.07 Focus Placed on Peer Influence to Stop Violence Against Women

7.17.07 Shao Receives American Diabetes Association Award

7.13.07 U.S.News & World Report Rankings, UK Chandler Hospital Among Nation's Best

6.28.07 College of Public Health Professor Recipient of Prestigious National Award

6.26.07 Assistant Prof, Masters Candidate Receive Emerald Research Grant Award

6.26.07 Researchers Identify Target of Angiogenesis and Tumor Inhibitor

6.26.07 "A Question of Life or Meth"' Wins Daytime Emmy Award

6.21.07 Profs' Social Network Research Gains International Acclaim

6.19.07 O Magazine Features Interview with Ovarian Cancer Expert

6.15.07 Professor to Appear on C-SPAN2 'Book TV'

6.15.07 See Your Doctor at Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer

6.13.07 Does OTC Diet Pill Alli Live Up to Its Name?

6.12.07 $2 Billion Budget Contains Initiative To Improve Graduation, Retention

6.05.07 Professor, Colleagues Receive 2007 Prevention Science Award

6.01.07 Professor Receives NEH Grant for Multimedia Project

5.29.07 James W. Tracy Is Named Vice President for Research

5.25.07 Researchers Have New Insight into Cause of Lou Gehrig’s Disease

5.25.07 UK, State Officials Praise Nomination of Holsinger

5.24.07 Doctoral Student Named Hartford Fellow

5.23.07 Five UK Students Named Fulbright Scholars

5.23.07 Mimetic Solutions Chooses UK for Smart-release Drug Lab

5.17.07 UK Part of New Automotive Research Alliance

5.17.07 Non-Hormonal Menopause Therapy Research

5.17.07 Digestive Diseases Faculty to Speak at National Conference

5.16.07 College of Nursing Professor Awarded Honorary FFA Degree

5.16.07 Pharmacy Professor Wins William E. Lyons Award

5.16.07 Blood Conservation During Heart Surgery Good for Patients and Local Blood Banks

5.15.07 New Hip Procedure Gets Police Officer Back on Duty

5.14.07 Many Women Unaware of Hidden Stroke Risk Factors

5.09.07 Study Suggests Corrections Substance Abuse Treatment Is Effective

5.09.07 UK Study: Baby Aspirin Better for Your Health

5.08.07 Five UK Energy Research Projects Receive State Funding

5.07.07 UK Author Writes Editorial on Appalachian Mining for NY Times

5.07.07 Roark Named Administrator of Markey Cancer Foundation

5.07.07 Student Honored at American Association of Dental Research Competition

5.07.07 Student Awarded American Association of Dental Research Fellowship

5.02.07 Two Professors Named Guggenheim Fellows

5.01.07 State Grant Supports Study of Aluminum Energy Efficiency

5.01.07 Researchers Find New Class of Nontoxic Cancer Treatments

4.30.07 Indian Medicine Compound May Hold Clues to Prostate Cancer Prevention

4.26.07 Campaign Reaches $1 Billion Goal

4.24.07 UK Completes Third Round of Bucks for Brains Fundraising

4.23.07 Kentucky Native to Become UK College of Medicine Surgery Chair

4.20.07 New Blood Thinner Enters Third Trial Phase

4.20.07 Alltech Grant Enhances Research Partnership with UK Agriculture

4.19.07 Physics Conference Celebrates Professor's 60th Birthday

4.17.07 Brain Structure Changes Years Before Memory Loss Begins

4.17.07 College of Dentistry Professor Wins Prestigious Award

4.10.07 College of Public Health Receives $110,000 Grant

4.10.07 Kentucky Children's Hospital Surgeon Featured

4.09.07 Pathologist Contributes to Newly Published Cervical Cancer Vaccine Guidelines

4.06.07 Sanders-Brown Researchers Participate in Nationwide Trial

4.06.07 Daytime Emmy Awards Nominate A&E Program Featuring UK Experts

4.05.07 U.S. News Rankings List College of Public Health Among the Best

4.03.07 Award Will Enable Researcher to Bring Lab Discovery to Clinical Trial

4.03.07 Campus Interviews Set for Four Research Vice President Candidates

3.30.07 'The Unforgettables' Team Up Again to Fight Cancer

3.30.07 Search for Best Lung Cancer Treatment Leads Michigan Couple to UK

3.30.07 U.S. News Rankings Show Jump for UK Law, Nursing

3.29.07 Barnstable Brown Pediatric Diabetes Laboratories Dedicated

3.29.07 Tracy Farmer Center Hosts Sustainable Planning Symposium

3.29.07 Assistant Professor Receives $200,000 Award

3.28.07 Archivist Selected as ARL Leadership Fellow

3.28.07 Grant Will Provide for Environmental and Sustainability Education

3.27.07 Heart Intervention Doesn’t Outweigh Medicine in Study

3.26.07 New Blood Thinner May Work Without Bleeding Risk

3.26.07 UK Part of Nationwide Parkinson's Trial

3.23.07 What's New For Your Heart

3.23.07 Moliterno Takes State's Lead Cardiology Role

3.20.07 Two UK HealthCare Programs Into 'Centers of Medical Excellence' Transplant Network

3.19.07 New Supercomputer Thrusts UK into Top Ranks

3.13.07 UK is Among Nation's Top 100 Hospitals

3.13.07 State Wins National Recognition for Passage of Smoke-Free Laws

3.12.07 Brain Injury Expert Shares Knowledge With MSNBC

3.12.07 Decision Science Professor's Research Cited in Major Publication

3.07.07 Board Accepts More Than $3 Million in Gifts, Pledges

3.07.07 Toyota Gives $1 Million to Establish Tech Development Institute

3.06.07 UK HealthCare Performs First Gastric Stimulation Surgery in Region

3.06.07 UK, MIT Partner to Win Grant for Aluminum in Sustaining Car Industry

3.06.07 Out-of-body Experiences May Be Caused by Arousal System Disturbances in Brain

3.01.07 Researcher Granted Award From The Michael J. Fox Foundation

2.28.07 Study to Further Investigate Modafinil as a Smoking Cessation Aid

2.27.07 Additional $500,000 Pledged to Chellgren Fund for Excellence

2.23.07 Birds are Smarter Than We Think, Says UK Professor Cited in Nature

2.21.07 UK Professor is One of Nation's Work-Life Rising Stars

2.20.07 Disaster HQ to be finished in 2009

2.20.07 Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

2.16.07 College of Medicine Featured on ResearchChannel

2.13.07 NIH Grant Brings High-Tech Research Equipment to Campus

2.09.07 2007 Engineers Day Set for February 24

2.07.07 College of Public Health Professor is Recipient of Sheldon Siegel Lectureship

2.06.07 UK Hosts Meeting for National Leaders in Aging Research

2.01.07 Niles Center to Bring its Audience 'Visions of Kyrgyzstan'

1.31.07 Study Finds What Type of Parents Tends to 'Spare the Rod'

1.29.07 UK Announces Expanded Equine Programs to Meet the Needs of Kentucky and its Horses

1.26.07 Odyssey Magazine: Green Energy

1.24.07 UK to Create Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Mental Health

1.19.07 U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Decline

1.18.07 Physicians Raise Awareness of Little Known Killer

1.15.07 Researchers First to Map Gene that Regulates Adult Stem Cell Growth

1.10.07 Study UK's Hunn Only National Recipient of Research Fellowship

1.10.07 DOJ Grant Allows Women’s Place to Add Staff, New Approach

1.10.07 UK Ranks in Top 20 of National Faculty Scholarly Activity Index

1.05.07 Study Published in Molecular Psychiatry

1.03.07 UK-developed Nanotemplate Engineering™ Process Wins Patent