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2005 News Archive

12.27.05 Report on Impact of a State Primary Seat Belt Law

12.23.05 Business and Economic Annual Report Published

12.23.05 New Treatment Promising For Ulcerative Colitis Sufferers

12.15.05 Web Site Features Gill Heart Physicians

12.14.05 Psychiatry Resident Awarded Prestigious Laughlin Fellowship

12.13.05 BOT Votes on Top 20 Business Plan

12.12.05 Clinical Psychology Program Ranked in Top 20

12.12.05 Biology Professor Quoted in USA Today

12.09.05 Physician Publishes Vascular Disease Guidebook

12.09.05 Classics Professor Receives Prestigious Fellowship

12.06.05 Todd: Top 20 Goal Will Move Kentucky Forward

12.06.05 Researchers Reduce Power Consumption of Transistors in Computer Chips

12.02.05 Neuropsychologist Starts Sports-Concussion Program

12.02.05 ‘Global Competency’ Required in 21st Century Economy

12.01.05 Physicians Named as Best Doctors in America®

11.22.05 Four Professors Win Fulbright Scholarships

11.17.05 UK Is First To Administer New Anti-Clotting Technology

11.16.05 More Kentuckians Living With Diabetes

11.14.05 Todd Delivers Top-20 Message In Video

11.03.05 McConnell’s Ag Bill Work Pays Off for UK, Kentucky

11.03.05 Carbon Nanotube Membranes Allow Super-fast Fluid Flow

10.27.05 Infertility Awareness Week Highlights Hope For Those Who Want To Conceive

10.26.05 Keeping Science Research Funding a Top Priority

10.25.05 Ground Broken for Lexhold Center at Coldstream

10.25.05 UK HealthCare Creates Quality, Safety and Patient Rights Program

10.18.05 Doctor Presents Findings Regarding New Weight-Loss Medication

10.18.05 Researchers to Develop Treatments People Exposed to Dirty Bomb

10.14.05 Todd: Top 20 University Key to Changing Commonwealth for Better

10.14.05 Grant Continues Study of Kentucky’s Underinsured Population

10.14.05 UK HealthCare Tests Device to Prevent Strokes

10.14.05 Entomology Research Article Published in New Issue of SCIENCE

10.14.05 Geology Professor and Expert Gets Attention From

10.12.05 Nobel Laureates in Physics Will Lecture

10.12.05 Women Writers Conference Announces Creative Nonfiction Contest

10.11.05 Researcher Named to Beckman Foundation Advisory Board

10.10.05 Associate Professor Receives 2005 Emerging Technology Award

10.10.05 Early Childhood Program Receives Grants

10.07.05 Historic Preservation to Host Symposium

10.07.05 Governor Applauds Research, Urges Partnerships

10.05.05 Professor Part of National Study of Public Health Systems

10.05.05 Professors Win Another International Architecture Competition

10.03.05 Overweight Children Find Help Through UK Healthcare Program

10.03.05 Troske Excited to be CBER’s New Leader

10.03.05 Series of Innovative Programs Emphasizes Excellence in Undergraduate Studies

9.30.05 UK Seeks People Aged 55 to 90 For National Alzheimer’s Disease Study

9.30.05 UK College of Nursing Professor Featured in Newsweek Magazine

9.30.05 UK Sponsors Conference on African Americans with Alzheimer’s

9.30.05 Speaker at UK to Address Child Trauma, Violence Against Women

9.30.05 UK Economics Professor Earns Honor from International Publication

9.26.05 Gill Heart Institute physicians published in JAMA

9.26.05 Global Public Health Conference to be Held at UK

9.26.05 Professors Speak Out on Kentucky’s Health Crisis

9.26.05 Jack Valenti to Speak at Center on Aging Dinner

9.23.05 Donors Honored at Annual Fellows Society Gala

9.23.05 Doctoral Graduate Wins International Award

9.23.05 Mirzoeff Opens Distinguished Visiting Artist Series

9.22.05 UK President, Von Allmen Center at National Symposium

9.22.05 Ancient Rivers, Possible Life on Mars Topics of Lecture

9.21.05 Research Finds it Wise to Remove Wisdom Teeth in Young Adults

9.20.05 More Than $9 Million in Gifts and Pledges Accepted

9.19.05 Study of Blood Substitute for Trauma Patients Continues

9.16.05 Dr. Benjamin Franklin Roach: Physician, Cancer Crusader, Horseman and Friend

9.16.05 Odyssey Features Research Supercomputing

9.16.05 Resonance House on Lexington’s Urban Life and Style Tour

9.15.05 Professor Receives Young Investigators Award

9.15.05 Professor Receives Prestigious Award in Nuclear Chemistry

9.15.05 UK to Host ‘Lost Mountain’ Teach-in

9.14.05 $1.25 Million Committed to Improving Campus Safety

9.13.05 Continuing the Work on Parkinson's Research

9.08.05 IHDI Organizes Disability-Related Seminar Series

9.08.05 Markey Researcher Featured on Cover of Cell Magazine

9.06.05 New Web Site Created to Help Coordinate, Provide Information About Disaster Relief Efforts

9.01.05 UK to Admit Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

8.24.05 UK, LFUCG and Fayette Schools Launch Green Partnership

8.23.05 Fletcher Names UK Dean to Professional Standards Board

8.23.05 Another Chinese Delegation Plans Visit to Kentucky

8.23.05 Husband, Wife to Teach in Pakistan

8.22.05 Forkosch Prize Awarded to Bradshaw

8.18.05 UK Human Development Institute Gives Kevin Burberry Award

8.17.05 UK President, Governor Sign Reforestation Initiative

8.17.05 EKU, UK To Merge Dairy Operations

8.16.05 UK To Conduct Study On Baby Boomers

8.16.05 UK Transportation Center Shares Major Grant With Asphalt Institute

8.15.05 First Amendment Center Names New Director

8.12.05 Governor's Life Sciences Strategy Includes Major Role for UK

8.11.05 Students Can Prevent Sexual Assaults

8.08.05 Grants Received for Homeland Security Projects

8.03.05Center for Research on Violence Against Women Director to Receive National Justice Award

8.02.05 UK Research Hits Record Number of $274 Million

8.01.05 Survey to Evaluate COPD Impact on Kentucky's 5th District

8.01.05 NEH Grant to Help Develop Bert T. Combs Appalachian Collection

8.01.05 KYSS Program Participants Honored

8.01.05 KGS Maps Areas of Mercury and Selenium in Groundwater

7.28.05 Medical Departments Ranked in NIH Funding Top 20

7.25.05 Institute on Women and Substance Abuse Receives Grant

7.25.05 Palmgreen to Receive National Communication Award

7.19.05 Anthropologists Study Nutrition Among Zambian Migrants

7.19.05 Exchange Trips Begin UK-China Earthquake Research Cooperation

7.14.05 Study Finds New Method to Monitor Breast Cancer Treatment

7.11.05 UK Researchers, Faculty Respond to Meth Challenge

7.06.05 College of Medicine Improves in National Rankings

7.06.05 Plant-made Pharmaceutical Research Highlighted at National Conference

7.05.05 Study Shows 56% Drop in Nicotine Levels After Smoke-Free Law

7.01.05 Blue Mold Expert Quoted Nationally

6.28.05 UK Program Named Outstanding Workplace for Women

6.29.05 UK Researcher Joins International Team Fighting Major Tropical Disease

6.20.05 Cataract Patient Gets Intraocular Lens

6.18.05 Children's Hospital New Name Announced

6.14.05 Governing Regulations, Conduct Code Pass

6.14.05 Budget Means Positive Change for Kentucky

6.10.05 Stem Cells Featured in Odyssey

6.08.05 Expert Reveals the Truth About Soy

6.03.05 Colony of Research Salamanders Moved to Kentucky

6.02.05 UK Professor Active in Shingles Research

6.02.05 Engineering Professors Win Oak Ridge Research Awards

5.31.05 Female Researchers Needed as Mentors for Young Girls

5.27.05 UK Leads $9 Million Clean Coal Project

5.23.05 Equine Plan to Advance the Horse Industry

5.20.05 Research Team Earns Largest NIH Grant

5.17.05 'Dream Tour' to Highlight State's Future

5.17.05 Book Looks at Autobiographical Writings

5.17.05 Kentucky Teachers to Tour Southern China

5.13.05 Todd, UK Researchers to World Expo

5.13.05 Project Completed in Uttingertown

5.11.05 Social Work Hosts Ballantine Symposium

5.10.05 New Facilities Approved

5.09.05 Student to Conduct Research in Ethiopia

5.04.05 Student Wins NSF Graduate Fellowship

5.04.05 Doctoral Student Receives National Award

5.03.05 Gill Institute Researcher Wins AHA Award

5.03.05UK Hosts Research Mentoring Program

5.02.05 UK Hosts Lecture on Trauma Research

5.02.05 Lee Appointed to National Board

5.02.05 Geography Professors Awarded NSF Grant

4.28.05 Chinese Earthquake Researchers to Visit

4.28.05 Pharmacy Students Receive Top Honors

4.27.05 KGS to Examine State's Geologic Hazards

4.27.05 Seven Receive Provost Teaching Awards

4.26.05 Study: Breast Cancer Recurrence Reduced

4.26.05 Two Are Named Beckman Scholars

4.25.05 Lloyd's of London Gives Again to Gluck

4.22.05 Hall of Fame to Induct Robert Walker

4.21.05 A & S Distinguished Professor Named

4.21.05Anderson Named Fellow of APhA

4.20.05 Consumer Behavior Expert Receives Honor

4.19.05 UK, Kentucky Move Into the Top 30

4.19.05 Fink Receives National Pharmacy Award

4.19.05 UK Hosts Social Work Research Workshop

4.18.05 Economic Impact of Smoke-free Law

4.14.05 Concerto Funded by UK Research Grant

4.13.05 Libraries Lead in Newspaper Digitization

4.13.05 Symposium Draws Renowned Speakers

4.12.05 UK Hosts National Health Conference

4.12.05 Physician Publishes Fibromyalgia Study

4.12.05 UK Hospital Named Certified Stroke Center

4.11.05 $74.4 Million Research Building Dedicated

4.11.05 Black Raspberry-based Therapy Developed

4.08.05 Lung Cancer Vaccine Trial Continues

4.06.05 Raising Awareness of Alcohol Screenings

4.05.05 New Director of Appalachian Center Named

4.04.05 Rubio Appointed to Board

4.01.05 Geoscientist to Speak about Global Energy April 6

3.31.05 UK Promotes Healthy-Marriages

3.30.05 UK Dominates Conference Presentations

3.28.05 Kentucky Seismic Network Records Great Sumatran Earthquake

3.28.05 End-of-Life Issues Panel to Meet

3.25.05 Teacher's Essay in National Magazine

3.24.05 Agriculture Dean Named Interim Provost

3.24.05 College of Law to Help Drug Prosecutions

3.24.05 Award Presented to Outstanding Women

3.22.05 Town/Gown' History Is Lecture Topic

3.22.05 Professor Gets Fulbright Grant

3.18.05 UK Medical Center Founder Dies

3.17.05 Sociology Hosts Two Visiting Scholars

3.17.05 Macular Degeneration Researcher Awarded

3.16.05 Director Honored With National Award

3.16.05 Symposium to Address Homeland Security

3.15.05 Fletcher Recounts State Funding for UK

3.15.05 Governor Touts State, UK Cooperation

3.15.05 Chosen as Beckman Scholars Institution

3.11.05 Kentucky Institute of Medicine Created

3.10.05 A&S Distinguished Professor Lecture

3.10.05 Dentistry Hosts Annual Barr Lecture

3.09.05 Cardiovascular Research Center Established

3.09.05 Aluminum Pioneer Gets Honorary Doctorate

3.09.05 IHDI Co-sponsors Inclusion Theater Workshop

3.08.05 Public Invited to "Meet the Geeks"

3.07.05 Conference: Black Women and the Body

3.04.05 Girls in Research Deadline Extended

3.03.05 Mentored Student Receives Research Award

3.03.05 Hatton Inducted as Fellow

3.03.05 Archaeology Team Explores New Cave

3.02.05 Jacob Wins 2005 Teetor Education Award

2.28.05 Expert on Drug Endangered Children Speaks

2.24.05 McConnell Annouces Federal Funds for UK

2.24.05 French Government Honors UK Professor

2.22.05 UK Part of National City Tour of Hope

2.21.05 Dentistry Student in National Publication

2.21.05 Postdoctoral Scholars Share Research

2.21.05 New Maps Help the Search for Oil and Gas

2.18.05 Engineers Day 2005

2.17.05 Researchers: Study Should Go On

2.17.05 Partnership Focuses on Reforestation

2.15.05 Enrolling Patients in Hepatitis C Study

2.14.05 Biotechnology Business Conference Set

2.11.05 Reaction to Withdrawl of Treatment

2.10.05 Markey Selected for CIS Contract Award

2.10.05 Medical Center has New Bioethics Program

2.07.05 Energy Plan Creates Important UK Role

2.04.05 2005 Engineers Day Feb. 26

1.27.05 Professor Receives Board Appointment

1.26.05 Female Researchers Needed as Mentors

1.25.05 Doctoral Candidates Awarded CReFF Funds

1.24.05 UK Center Conducts AML Clinical Trial

1.20.05 How Cells Protect Themselves from Stress

1.20.05 UK Hosts Research Mentoring Program

1.20.05 Center Studies Low-income Populations

1.14.05 Network Monitors Earthquake Activity

1.12.05 Recruiting Girls Interested in Science

1.12.05 Economic Roundtable Set for Feb. 3

1.11.05 How Metabolism Affects Drug Reactions

1.11.05 Large Gift for Gluck Equine Research Center

1.10.05 Study Confirms Quality of Faculty, Staff

1.10.05 2004 Pharmacist of the Year

1.06.05 Survey: Smoke-free Law Support Increases

1.04.05 Study of Blood Substitute Continues

1.03.05 Hower Named President of ENA

1.03.05 Federal Research Oversight Taps Selwitz